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Class A


Everything you need & more.

3 4 FLAIR 28 A GRANITE standard MY21 1762

Everything you need & more.

In Flair, there’s no sight that’s more inviting than the open road. That’s because we’ve taken everything you’ll need on your adventure and included it in this well-thought-out package. The new, larger 7.3 liter 350HP engine will carry you no matter what you have to tow. And with the new all-electronic instrument panel and digital dash, driving your RV becomes even more of a joy.

With exterior comforts like kitchens and TVs, the fun doesn’t need to be contained to inside the home. And that’s a good thing, because Flair is designed for large groups. All floorplans can easily sleep six, and some can even fit eight. There’s even a floorplan that includes two full bathrooms.

With features in abundance, this Flair is sure to attract attention.


  • MY21 FLAIR 28 A
  • MY21 FLAIR 29 M
  • MY21 FLAIR 32 S
  • MY21 FLAIR 34 J barndoors
  • MY21 FLAIR 35 R


Flair 29M Driftwood décor with Cappuccino cabinetry
Flair 29M Driftwood décor with Cappuccino cabinetry
Flair 29M Driftwood décor with Cappuccino cabinetry
Flair 29M Driftwood décor with Cappuccino cabinetry


  • Decor furniture
    Decor accent
    Decor bedspread
    Driftwood backsplash
    Decor countertop
    Decor flooring
    Decor valance
  • Decor silverlake furniture
    Decor silverlake accent
    Decor silverlake bedspread
    Decor silverlake backsplash
    Decor silverlake countertop
    Decor flooring
    Decor silverlake valance
  • Furniture SEPIA Admiral Flair
    Livingaccent SEPIA Admiral Flair
    Bedspread SEPIA Admiral Flair
    Backsplash SEPIA Admiral Flair
    Countertop SEPIA
    Flooring SEPIA admiral Flair
    Valances SEPIA ADMIRAL F La IR

Cabinetry Options

Cappuccino Cappuccino

Greystone Greystone

Oxford Oxford

Heritage - Oceanfront Collection (additional cost) Heritage - Oceanfront Collection (additional cost)

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350 Horsepower / 468 lb. ft. Torque
8,000 lbs. Hitch capacity
50 AMP

Vacu-Bond ™ walls and
ceilings with Powerlock System™

Illumaplex® Touchscreen
with App Control


  • Profile Flair28 A autumnstnad MY21 1782
  • Profile Flair28 A graphitestnad MY21 1782
  • Profile Flair35 R autumn PP MY21 1728
  • Profile Flair35 R granite PP MY21 1728
  • FBP Flair Caliente
  • FBP Flair Cavalry

Features & Specs

  • Five floorplans (from 28 feet to 35 feet)
  • Four cabinet options
  • New Ford® chassis
  • 7.3L, 350HP engine with 468 lb/ft torque
  • 8,000-pound towing capacity
  • All-new electronic instrument panel
  • New digital dash
  • Automotive, bonded, one-piece windshield
  • Exterior-mounted sideview cameras
  • 50-inch exterior LED TV
  • Exterior kitchen (29M, 34J)
  • Hide-A-Loft™ queen bed
  • Sony® dash stereo with CarPlay
  • Residential refrigerator
  • Solid-surface galley countertops and sink covers (32S, 34J, 35R)
  • 2000W inverter (32S, 34J, 35R)

Building a Legacy

Some manufacturers boast that they build RVs the same way a homebuilder builds your house. The problem is that your house isn't designed to hit the open road at highway speeds. At Fleetwood RV, we take a different view. We utilize proprietary engineering and technology to ensure the durability of Fleetwood RVs over the long-haul, without sacrificing the comforts of home. Every step of our design and manufacturing process considers both needs - and it's that kind of thinking that will set your coach apart from others on the road.

Read more about Driving a Legacy.

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People constructing a vehicle
Vehicle being assembled
Vehicle Assembly Line
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RV Ownercare™

Limited one-year/15,000-mile coach warranty and three-year/45,000-mile structural warranty, whichever occurs first, and fully transferable for the first 12 months.
This is one of the RV industry’s most comprehensive RV warranty programs.